Things To Look For In A Professional Website Designer

Finding a web designer that fits your needs and company can be difficult. As a corporate website is a large investment, making the right choice is vital. Here are the top signs that a website designer is a good addition to your project.

Listens to you

Nobody understands your business more than you. A reliable design team will take your concepts and refine them into a catchy website. If your designer does not inquire about your business, you may end up with a lacklustre template project.

Contributes ideas

It’s essential for a web designer to listen to you. Besides that, they should do what you are paying them for and provide expert opinion. The best web design happens when you work as a team and shape your ideas using current design trends. Find a designer who is collaborative and not afraid to speak up.

Comprehensive team

Having a good designer is only the beginning. Do they have web developers that can actualize your vision? How about SEO experts or marketers to make your website easy to find? Having an all-inclusive team is necessary to make your project successful.

Live portfolio

An agency may have designed some nice-looking sites years ago, but it is important for them to have current, live samples available as well. Web design is usually more than just a beautiful page – it’s creating an awesome user experience.

Staying power

Most companies go out of business within the first five years of operation. But design agencies seem to shut down a little faster. Make sure that your designer will be around for a while, and would not leave you stranded down the line.


A Content Management System allows non-developers to upgrade design and update content minus programming knowledge. Using CMS is an industry standard. Be wary of a designer that uses a static page. Static pages need programming experience to modify and may make website maintenance a nightmare.

Design for responsiveness

The current website design trend is mobile-first. Smartphones make up a large portion of Google’s search market, and every website needs to satisfy this demographic. That being said, develop a website that is mobile responsive.

User experience expert

Will your website development or design team give your site both function and form? Many designers or developers can make an attractive website, but creating one that guides visitors appropriately takes extra expertise. This is a common issue when working with personnel whose experience and expertise come from print design.

Appropriately priced

Prices for web development and design range extremely, from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Most marketing experts suggest that a business should spend roughly 10% of their annual income on growing their customer base and generating more business, and about 5% on their website. Investing in your corporate website now will pay off in terms of new clients, more sales and easy maintenance.

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