The New Proximity Marketing

“Maybe the ad-men like this have their days numbered.”

And the same goes for all those brochures that offer you the best menu of the day or discounts on piercing and tattoos.
The people in charge are not even the telecommunications operators (we’ve been hearing about geolocalized advertising for years, detecting where your mobile website is, but has anyone seen it?) Or the Bluetooth campaigns (which depend on an infrastructure that must be installed ad-hoc) in each location and use an unfriendly technology) but, once again, an application for iPhone : foursquare .

What does Foursquare ?

? First of all, the funny thing is that foursquare does not use a complex technology of geolocation, but relies on each user to say where they are (check-in in foursquare jargon). The interesting thing about this mechanic is that “where you are” is no longer a coordinate cross on a map, but rather something like “the Friday’s restaurant at the Corner of the BernabĂ©u”: from a social viewpoint, it is much more information rich than simple geolocation.

? Why is someone going to tell where it is? It would seem absurd if it were not for the success that the “what you are doing” of Twitter has had: saying where you are lets you know which of your friends are close (and vice versa); In addition, it allows identifying which sites are the most popular .

Foursquare also adds an incentive to encourage users to say where they are: every time you check-in, you get points (including extra points if, for example, you “discover” a new site). Whoever has more points for a specific place, is publicly identified as “the greatest” (something like “the master of the place”) ). For those who do not have much experience in online marketing it can be surprising, but simple samples of public recognition like this one have a great success in the promotion of participation
What does this have to do with the man announcing the photo? Well, foursquare has already launched an advertising model that allows you to build loyalty through special promotions , whether they are in your local …

foursquare: offer at the local
… as if they are somewhere else nearby:

foursquare: offer near here
At first the focus is on loyalty, but why not also promote nearby places that you do not know yet?
Foursquare is spreading very quickly: they started in large cities in the US, but they have already left in London and Amsterdam. For those who are eager to try it, you can “vote” to include a new city . What do you think?


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