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Here’s one of the best articles of the year in my view about branding and online presence

So you have a great brand, you got a good product but you lack visibility online! If the answer is yes to all of this, you are losing so much business my dear

You need to be on Instagram, facebook, Pinterest, youtube, BUT it’s not just that. You also need to have a great graphic design company. In 2017 -2018 you cannot just publish a post on facebook with a half decent image, but you really need to focus on quality and high res graphics

Likely, you cannot just pay someone in Bangladesh $2 an hour and expect a $100 an hour job in return. You have to learn how to inspect what you expect.

And finally, if you do not have the time to do all this, hire a malta web design company and they do it all for you in-house. From the front-end design, back-end design, social media graphics and more. While you keep focusing on what makes you the most amount of money which is working towards your business goals and taking the time to think how you will add value to your business.

There’s a difference between outsourcing and offshoring work to high-quality people in countries where there are low wages. Offshoring done right can save you a ton of money. And once again, it does not mean that they will do a shitty job, but their standard of living is just lower there. Some countries where you can outsource work to are Bangladesh,  Philippines, India, Thailand, Bulgaria, Malta just to name a few.

Outsourcing web and graphic design

The other thing that I want to mention is that you cannot just expect these outsourcers to know everything, the best way to deal with them is to make them videos on a private youtube channel and this will also save you a ton of time in the future. People come and go, and when this happen you will not have to teach a new staff member from scratch but rather, send him a step by step video where he can follow along.

Among the things that you need to learn when you first start doing the day to day grind is keep your processes simple and as efficient as possible. You cannot grow if you have too much confusion going on especially if you spend most of your day doing repetitive things that a $2 dollar employee can execute very easily with some guidance.

How would you like to do this for $3 an hour? It si well worth the effort in the beginning. Especially if you are just getting started and your focus should be on 1. streamlining the workload, 2. bringing new business into your company. That’s how you make money. Sitting down in front of you computer will not make you money. So drop the mouse and get out of your house, start taking action today.

And never give up on your dream because if you do, you will regret it all your life!

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