Louis Verdad

Louis Verdad: Fashion Designer

Louis Verdad: Fashion Designer Fashion designer Louis Verdad made his start designing quinceanera dresses for debutantes in Atlanta.  Today the Mexican-American fashion designs for A list celebrities like Madonna, Cher, Paris Hilton and Cate Blanchette. Verdad was born in Chicago to immigrant parents and his family returned to Mexico when he was only 4.  He know that if he wanted to make a name for himself in the fashion world he would eventually have to[…]

Fashion Design Career

Choosing a Fashion Design Career

Imagine having your designs gracing the catwalks of New York, Paris or Milan.  Travelling to the fashion capitals of the world showing your designs would be a dream come true for every aspiring fashion designer.  There are a few steps between drawing designs on your sketchpad as a teenager and hitting the big time on the runways of New York. Getting Started Like most fashion designers you probably started out making clothes for your dolls[…]

How web design and fashion design are related

The truth is that both fashion and web designers can work together definitely. Why? They are both very creative They have a ton of ideas They create visually inspiring stuff Fashion houses need to have a great, modern sleek website to showcase their clothing collection Web designers are genius when it comes to selling online Fashion designers are genius when it comes to selling offline! Web designers create the most creative amazing website for fashion[…]