6 Design Techniques for Better CTA Buttons

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons, are great features that facilitate the conversion on a website. They persuade the user or visitor to take an action depending on the service or product being offered. The CTA buttons vary with size, color, style and function.

There’s a catch.

Unfortunately, not all CTA buttons convert well. There is, therefore, the need to learn how to make your buttons compel the visitors to take the particular action.

For the button to be effective on the website, there are design techniques that are available to create better CTA buttons. Here are 6 design techniques for better CTA buttons.

Contrasting color

The color of the button has a great effect on appealing the user. Make the button stand out by using a contrasting color to the background.

Choose colors that stand out to make the buttons easily noticeable and draw attention. Red, green and yellow are the most popular although should not be considered standard. Also, remember that different colors have psychological and cultural associations.

Kindly note that the color you choose should fit with the overall website design.

What’s more, some developers have created color wheels that guide website owners on the right color to use with respect to the background.

Make it primary

Ensure that the CTA buttons are primary and do not compete with other elements on the website. Give the buttons ample white space to make them stand out. Moreover, the white space, also known as negative space gives them breathing room. In fact, the space matters as much as the position.


Choose the right size

The button should not be too big or small. There are three things that come to play when it comes to choosing the size. Create a button with a large clickable area to minimize the movement on the button for the user. Create a bigger CTA that stands out in relation to other features on the page. Also, a bigger CTA helps it to be seen quickly. However, it should not dominate and look out of place.

Play around with the different sizes to choose the best one. Ensure that there is a balance. Also, consider the shape of the button. Studies by Grand Rapids Web Design suggest that rounded corners convert better than rectangular.

Limit the number of words

Avoid the use of too much text on the CTA button. Many advise using a maximum of five words if necessary. Moreover, ensure that the words give information on what clicking it will do. Also, appeal to the users with your words. Do this by showing the benefit of clicking the button.

Use bold text

Make the use of bold text on the buttons to make them appear as commands. This shows confidence in the product or service offered.

Locate it appropriately

Lastly, place the button logically at the path of the reader. The key to successful placement is locating it where the user will look next. Anticipate this location depending on the design and appearance of your text.

Utilize these design techniques and improve your conversion rate today.

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