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User experience should be treated and focused of every business owner or webmasters.

Over the years I have learned to build and not beg…building a reputable brand allows every business to grow and grow at an astronomical rate. Why?… you might ask. Simply because most of the people out there (my clients) prefer quality and honesty over anything else.
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Now that we have diversified our business and our brand Louisverdad is not only designing awesome clothes, but now website designs too. For us this was a completely different niche to go into, I will explain how we do our web design in a little bit more detail. But before I begin, I would like to thank Curmi Marketing for their help and support in this. Joevren has a really awesome web design company in Malta and we are grateful for the positive feedback…and sometimes constructive criticism from our customer.

Website design and user experience.

There’s a large percentage that a user will go back to your website based on the experience alone. This experience includes, how much time they need to wait for your web page to load and what information did they get from it.

Here’s some advice to improve your user interface (UI)

1. Describe your product well.

In addition, to fully understand the functionality of our product or service, we must also know what our competitor offer in similar. This information is very important when analyzing the results of our research and to understand more accurately what the expectations of our users.

2. We must study, understand and, above all, listen to our users.

Only from this broad knowledge, it is possible to design and implement a development strategy based on product and user experience services.

3. Collect feedback from all potential sources involved in our system.

We must not only think about the user, as our only source of valid information. Our ecosystem may be influenced by other important players, such as suppliers or companies that develop products or services that interact with ours, whose feedback is as valuable as we can receive user

4. One question we must always ask is: “improve our product quality of life of our user by their needs and in context?”

Taking as starting this view, we can review all the functionality of our product and observe behaviors associated with them, from another perspective.

5. Investigate new patterns of behavior.

The market development requires us to be alert to the emergence of new possibilities for interaction with our system, not initially contemplated.

It is, therefore, important to establish a process to analyze and measure all possible usage patterns and behaviors, and detect those new ones, not having been considered initially, can be applied to our product.

6. Never rule anything out, although it seems unreasonable or nobody has dared to do so far.

We can not take anything for granted. We must, however, study and analyze all the variables that we can, without putting limits on possible alternatives to what we have done so far. Keep in mind that the user does not have to possess the same knowledge or have lived the same experiences as designers or developers of the product, so our challenge must be to put ourselves in the place of our user.

7. There is always room for improvement.

We aim to provide the best UX involves reviewing and constantly analyzing our products and services, looking for areas of improvement. This effort must be at the heart of our corporate strategy, and its implementation is a key element for innovation.

8. Learn from our mistakes and turn them into positive experiences.

Most importantly, when we try to emotions, is to detect those behaviors sooner users will not originally plan, take them into account and incorporate them into our system at a future iteration.

9. The user experience is the union of all.

It is what joins and unites the different components involved in creating a product or service. If the user experience is weak, our system crumbles. CTA Web Design buttons are so important for conversion. Some designers just take them forgranted. These cannot just be ignored because a wrong colour can cost thousands of dollars in lost conversions.

10. The user is the only one that determines the success or failure of a product.

The cemetery products and services are packed with beautiful interfaces with precious buttons that nobody used. Identify and analyze the needs of our audience is paramount. Not everything is for everyone, and it is our obligation to know in depth the true demands of our customers, both current, and future.

The below infographic about customer experience explains it all!

Customer Service Infographic

Source: Zendesk

Update: just hired Louis Verdad designer to design and decorate their farmhouses in Xaghra Gozo. These old houses were a complete wreck before but now one of them is ready and all I can say is WOW. What a different. It’s so unique and appealing, comfy and warm. I cannot recommend Louis Verdad designer enough.